Rodolfo and Leyla Rojas are the apostles and fathers of the Christian Mission Church, a ministry started in Stockholm, Sweden, but now it has expanded to several nations.

Their innovative ministry and high commitment to the management of the kingdom, has led them to take on challenges not only for their local church, but also with the development of the body of Christ worldwide.

The assignment of the apostles has been to help pastors through prophetic teaching and apostolic strategies.


Apostle Rodolfo & Leyla Rojas



International Mission Church welcomes you to the first European Apostolic Summit, "Unity and Multiplication", on September 28-30, 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden.
This summit has the purpose of giving a significant advance to your ministry and bringing a spiritual breakthrough to your city, in order to enter into a supernatural multiplication in your nation.


We will have international lecturers who will edify and direct the church of Christ.

From the United States, the Apostle Marcelino Sojo, who will impart a revelational message of church growth.

From Costa Rica, the Apostle and Prophet Rony Chaves, who will come with a prophetic word that will provide direction to the body of Christ.

From Colombia, we will have the Apostle Francisco Jamocó, a financial liberator whose message has produced a kingdom mentality throughout the nations.

In addition, the host Apostles, Rodolfo and Leyla Rojas, kingdom strategists, who will bring a word of pioneering leadership, who will equip you to operate and triumph in opposition territories.




European Apostolic Summit 28-30 sept. 2018 IMC, International Mission Church, Stockholm Sweden.
Free entry with mandatory registration.
The Summit will be held in Stockholmsmässan / Stockholm International Fair
Address: Mässvägen 1, 125 30 Älvsjö - Stockholm - Sweden

On Monday October 1 we will have a Pastors Retreat with guest lecturers at our Bethel Campus.
This retreat is not free and requires mandatory registration.

For more information about costs, account number and registration please contact us:

+46 707 630 160

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From Arlanda Airport to Stockholm City:
- Taxi € 47
- Express train € 28
- Buss of Arlanda 12 €


General information
Language: Swedish and English
Local currency: SEK Swedish Crowns
100 sek = 9.7 euro
100 sek = 11 usd

Please note that hotels in Sweden only receive payment by credit card. The hotels do NOT receive cash. As well in some restaurants.

For more information write to or call us at the number
+46 707 630 160 (WhatsApp)


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